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Sunday, December 4, 2022

5 Benefits For Believing Jesus NOW

If all are saved by Christ (and they are), why bother believing? There's no benefit, right? WRONG!

There are tremendous benefits from God for those who believe in this life.

God has great and good plans for all.

But those who believe now will enjoy some pretty terrific extras.

My advice? Believe Jesus NOW! I'm betting you wouldn't wait to date that hot girl, or cash that winning lottery ticket. This is even better.


  1. The word “believe” is interesting. Most traditional Christians think that it varies some degree of magical power or that it triggers God’s mercy. Let me explain. — If you sit down in a restaurant and the waitress brings you a hamburger and fries. Do you dig in and enjoy it? Or do you open it up, carefully examine it? Perhaps ask to go into the kitchen to see how clean the facilities are and ask for receipts from the supplier to see how fresh the ingredients are? Check the temperatures in their refrigeration?
    Of course not. You go forward in faith and belief - enjoying your meal!
    No! Your belief simply allows you to ENJOY what’s already good!
    Your faith or belief did not make it good. The kitchen staff made your food good.
    LIKEWISE, your belief doesn’t make Jesus finished work on the cross better or effective. Your belief simply allows you to enjoy what our Successful Savior has already done. Save the world!

    1. Thank you for this great comment! Enjoy His accomplishments!


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