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Monday, July 15, 2019

Rat-poison Bible versions

mashed potatoes, mushrooms, salisbury steak
Jim loved Beth. And he loved Beth's homemade mashed potatoes and beef gravy. (They do look delicious.)

Beth hated Jim. But she loved money, especially the money she couldn't collect until Jim was dead. Beth's biggest problem? Jim was young and as healthy as a healthy horse.

Beth knew she could use Jim's weakness for her award-winning cooking. So she increased the frequency of the dish at suppertime, with just a pinch of one new ingredient sprinkled in for a little extra zing. Jim gobbled up every plateful Beth set before him, unaware of the addition to the killer recipe.

Jim slowly became less healthy than a horse. Beth realized her plan to end him was working. She was willing to be patient and didn't mind seeing him suffer on the way to his grave.

After eight months Jim finally arrived at the cemetery. Beth is now wealthy, young, and single.

Killing us softly, slowly, and surely

Mortality by itself is hard enough on us. We carry the weight of death every day. Our ongoing struggle against death will end with its inevitable victory. Additional poisoning elements that compound our suffering on our journey to the cemetery don't help.

One possible source of hope and joy in our lives—the Bible—could actually be slowly, consistently poisoning us. Even if you don't read the Bible, you're not immune. The poison has been spewed for centuries from the pens and mouths of preachers and writers and infected humanity. The poison is dispersed, sometimes subtly, sometimes blatantly, through movies, TV shows and music. Pay attention, you'll see it.

99.995% safe

If you were told that something was 99.995% safe, you probably wouldn't think twice about eating, drinking, snorting or injecting it, let alone reading it.

The rodent-ridding brand d-CON® rat poison contains .005% active killing ingredient. The other 99.995% is inert. d-CON® was initially promoted as "undetectable (odorless and tasteless) by rats and does not produce bait shyness."

The poison in most English Bible versions is undetectable (odorless and tasteless) and does not produce Bible shyness. Millions of people continue to open their poisonous Bibles everyday and consume the toxins, unaware.

The poison is intentional mistranslation. I say "intentional" because the scholars who translate the Bibles should know better, having been trained in the original Hebrew and Greek languages of the Scriptures. But their tradition, and position in the club—The International Order of Bad Theologians (TIOoBT)—are more important to them than the truth. So they hide pellets of death within the lines of their self-proclaimed "Holy" Bible versions.

How to test your Bible for poison

Is your beloved Bible is poisoning you? Here's a simple test. Open your Bible to 2 Thessalonians 1:9. This is one of 12 verses (by my count) that speak of the duration of destruction for unbelievers. Here it is in three versions,
Authorized King James Version (AKJV)
who shall be punished with everlasting destruction from the presence of the Lord, and from the glory of his power;
English Standard Version (ESV)
They will suffer the punishment of eternal destruction, away from the presence of the Lord and from the glory of his might,
International Children's Bible (ICB)
Those people will be punished with a destruction that continues forever. They will not be allowed to be with the Lord, and they will be kept away from his great power.
The bold red word in each version is the interpretation of the Greek adjective aionion. I call it an interpretation, and not a translation, because translation is the unbiased use of words from one language to accurately convey the meaning of words from another language. An interpretation happens when a translator goes rogue, alters the meaning, and biases his "translation" to fit his personal theology. This muddies, and sometimes completely conceals, God's intended message to humanity through His sacred Scriptures. Thus we have unholy Bibles masquerading as holy Bibles. There's the .005%. It only takes one twisted word out of the 700,000+ words in the Bible to spoil the whole book. Throwing a bunch of seminary degrees and a very profitable pricetag into a Bible version doesn't make it holy. God's intended message remaining intact makes a version holy.

(And yes, you saw that correctly, they are even poisoning children through the ICB.)

2 Corinthians 11:13-15 fits nicely here,
For such are false apostles, fraudulent workers, being transfigured into apostles of Christ. 14 And no marvel, for Satan himself is being transfigured into a messenger of light. 15 It is no great thing, then, if his servants also are being transfigured as dispensers of righteousness -- whose consummation shall be according to their acts. 
Satan's servants produce works, including unholy Bible versions, that appear to dispense righteousness. Don't be fooled by their supernaturally-white teeth and glossy seminary certificates. You might pose a common protest, "So you're telling me that all those theologians and scholars who translate Bibles are wrong?" Yes, Mary, that's exactly what I'm saying. If they distort God's words, they are absolutely wrong.

Here's 2 Thessalonians 1:9 properly translated,
Concordant Literal New Testament (CLNT)
who shall incur the justice of eonian extermination from the face of the Lord, and from the glory of His strength --
Young's Literal Translation (YLT)
who shall suffer justice -- destruction age-during -- from the face of the Lord, and from the glory of his strength,
God will judge unbelievers. This fact I am not disputing. But attempting to stretch His righteous eonian/age-during judgment of them into an unrighteous everlasting/eternal/forever judgment is wrong. Trying to squeeze God into a man-made religious tradition will land the scholarly interpreters in the bullseye of His judgment. They've added to His words. They've twisted something that is limited to the eons into something that never ends. But even their judgment will be limited.

This simple chart of the limited eonian times shows an overview of God's plans (Ephesians 1:9-12; 3:1-11). Look it over and check the Scripture references.

Note that the eonian times as a whole have a beginning and an end (red lines). And each single eon has a beginning and an end. Jesus' successful reign, which includes all judgment of unbelievers, will come to God's desired end. The details are found in 1 Corinthians 15:22-28,
For even as, in Adam, all are dying, thus also, in Christ, shall all be vivified.
23 Yet each in his own class: the Firstfruit, Christ; thereupon those who are Christ's in His presence; 24 thereafter the consummation, whenever He may be giving up the kingdom to His God and Father, whenever He should be nullifying all sovereignty and all authority and power. 25 For He must be reigning until He should be placing all His enemies under His feet. 26 The last enemy is being abolished: death. 27 For He subjects all under His feet. Now whenever He may be saying that all is subject, it is evident that it is outside of Him Who subjects all to Him. 28 Now, whenever all may be subjected to Him, then the Son Himself also shall be subjected to Him Who subjects all to Him, that God may be All in all.)
All are vivified (made immortal). All are subjected (including the Son). Death is abolished. God is All in all.

"Bill's a great guy, except for that child-molesting thing."

Bill is a great guy. And he doesn't molest children. But the rumor was started and advanced by trusted pillars in the community (all with seminary degrees). It spread like wildfire. Bill's life and reputation were marred by this one lie. 

False interpretations by theologians and scholars deform God's character in the eyes of those who swallow the .005% poison that is mixed into their trusted Bibles. Christianity, for the most part, seems to have no clue how their horrible teaching of everlasting destruction makes God look. Some, understanding that it does make Him look bad, never mention it. But if you probe them with alien-like skill, they'll spill the beans, and tell you that they do, in fact, believe in a forever-destroying god (intentional small "g").

This one horrible demonic doctrine permeates all of Christianity's systems. And the world says, "God's a great Guy, except for that everlasting-destruction thing."

The false idea of everlasting destruction, if it is believed, depresses anyone who has half a heart for their fellow man. I've known people who are nearly paralyzed at the thought of themself, or their unbelieving loved one(s), suffering at the hand of God forever. But it's a rat-poison lie. Don't believe it. Stop eating Beth's delicious mashed potatoes and beef gravy. You remember what happened to Jim, right?

I urge you to replace your poisonous Bible(s) with a health-inducing one. I don't care if you love your poisonous Bible and have had it since you were in diapers. If it's tainted (even if it's only .005%) and tells lies about God, it's J-U-N-K. I recommend the Concordant Literal New Testament. You can read it online or buy a copy. You can also get a copy of the Concordant Version of the Old Testament or download it.

Once you grasp the true meaning of aion and aionios, you will see God in a new light. And you will have hope, joy, and peace in anticipation of Him completing His plan for all mankind.

  • Go here for several more versions of 2 Thessalonians 1:9 (most are rat poison).

Mashed-potatoes-mushrooms-salisbury-steak, Robert Loescher
"D-CON KILLS MICE AND RATS!!!!" by Chris (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0); cropped
Holy Bible by Derrick Alexander from Pixabay; "UN" added 


  1. Hi Wes, thanks for this article and thanks for the link to buy a copy of the CLNT. I am the guy who quit the board that you were talking to on YouTube lol. I made a video and posted it on YouTube that you might enjoy (maybe not) ha ha, but your thoughts would be appreciated! Janssen

    PS- I am not trying to spam your page, but I couldn’t find your email

  2. Thanks for the comment Janssen. Yes, having an accurate translation (like the CLNT) is key to us knowing and growing in the truth. You quit the board? I'd love to hear the story of how that went. I'll check out your video.

  3. Well not much has happened Wes, they are trying to keep my resignation on the down low. But my best friend that works there thinks I am brain washed. This is what I sent them:

    Hi All,

    I have decided that I need to resign from being a member of the board at Deer Flat. I think this is a good time since new members will be voted on shortly. Over the last year the Lord has taken me on a journey of truth that has set me very free. Before this time I struggled very much with depression and anxiety over the assurance of my salvation among other things. The Lord brought me to the point of asking Him to lead and show me the truth no matter what that was, knowing that Jesus himself said that knowing the truth would set me free. Long story short the Lord brought me into the knowledge of many glorious truths that bring Him much glory and have set me free as well. These truths do not agree with Wesleyan theology; therefore to be honest with you I need to resign from the board. I hope my heart comes through in this letter, in that I only want to bring glory to God and His son Jesus and that I have no ill will toward any of you or anyone at Deer Flat.

    I want to include a link that helps explain some of the things I have learned that have brought me great peace and joy, if you are interested.

    Thank you for understanding,

    you don’t have to make this public Wes, but I wanted to let you know. Thanks for your prayers.


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    1. Thank you for your comment M. Taha. What do you mean by "the other side?"

  6. Yes, that is true. And mistranslated Greek and Hebrew words are used to kill souls and spirits.

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