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Thursday, July 29, 2021

Is torment eternal? Is punishment everlasting? No, and No!

The detrimental false teachings of eternal torment, everlasting punishment and eternal annihilation are due, in large part, to horrible mistranslations of the Greek words aion (a noun) and aionios (an adjective).

When you properly understand these words (and believe them) you'll gain an understanding of God that few have.

Many who misunderstand these 2 key words in God's revelation break a very simple rule of language, described in the video.

Massive contradictions exist in poorly translated bibles because of these mistranslations. Grasp the truth of these words, and the contradictions will disappear. Then you'll be able to see how God IS the Savior of all mankind Who also properly judges all mankind.

God's judgments are very real, but none are eternal or everlasting. You'll see that Jesus, the Savior of the world, actually DID save all by His death and resurrection. That's the GOOD NEWS!

Don't you like good news, especially when it's capitalized, bolded, underlined, red and followed by an exclamation point? I do.

Saturday, July 24, 2021

Calling all Calvinists!


Calvinists correctly teach that God is the One Who saves man. Man is unable to save himself, or to even work with God to save himself. It is ALL of God. Man can do nothing apart from God, because that is the way God made us. That's OK, I trust God to do what is right for us.

Calvinists rarely, if ever, use this one verse to support their teaching of "total inability." I'll explain why in this video.