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Sunday, April 21, 2019

Did Judas have a choice? "The Problem of Evil" Part 2

Published by Concordant Publishing Concern
Why did Judas Iscariot betray the Savior of the world? Did he have a choice in the matter?

A.E. Knoch’s chapter examining Judas’ dilemma is worth the price of the book.

Here are some quotes from the chapter THE GOD OF JUDAS ISCARIOT,
“Our knowledge of God is put to its supreme test when we consider His connection with the vessels of indignation. Perhaps no case of this kind is more typical than that of Judas Iscariot.”
“To be sure, the subject is shunned, because it seems to cast a somber shadow across God’s glory, and leads into distressing difficulties.”
“Did [Christ] do anything, so far as the record goes, to save [Judas] from his terrible fate?”
“But this most important task Satan did not leave to others. Contrary to all precedent, he himself entered into [Judas] and transformed him into a traitor (Luke 22:3).”
“Let us now count up the forces which were for Judas and those which were against him.”
“Let us rejoice that the judgment of Judas is in the hands of One Whom we all can trust. He knows Judas, and is able to sympathize as well as condemn. Thank God that He is the judge of all.”
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