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Wednesday, March 20, 2019

"The Problem of Evil" Part 1
Published by Concordant Publishing Concern

There are so many great statements from A. E. Knoch in this book that my red pen ran out of ink as I underlined and starred his most impacting words.

I'm giving you some of the shiniest gems that I dug out of this info-packed publication.

Many of the heavy truths in these pages clash with traditional Christianity. And it’s possible that some of your long-held beliefs may be tested and found lacking.

Knoch has a knack for diving deep into the Scriptures while presenting his findings in an understandable way to his readers.

My faith in Jesus has grown, and I know yours will too.

I’m not making any money on the sale of this book. But it’s definitely worth an investment of your money and time. It will help you grow in your understanding of God, His sometimes mysterious ways, and His beneficial plans for all mankind.

Here are some highlights ...


“All of mankind must learn to realize what God is to them by an actual experience of what it means to be without Him.”
“But God’s judgments are corrective; they set matters right.”


“Creation is enslaved by corruption with a view to a liberty which can be enjoyed only by one who has experienced its opposite. There is one feature which is common to all opposition to this truth, and that is the failure to distinguish between evil and sin.”

“So long as we think of evil as essentially sin, the door is barred to an understanding of its introduction into the universe.” 

Get your copy today.

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