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Sunday, February 4, 2018

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"God used this small book
to change my life. After
fifteen years in the pulpit,
I finally understand what hell is.
Better late than never." 
-J. Marcus Oglesby, M. Div.

Martin Zender Goes to Hell

My most recent read is by "the World's Most Outspoken Bible Scholar," Martin Zender.

I was not disappointed.

In Martin Zender Goes to Hell, the critically acclaimed writer, bible scholar, humorist, essayist, radio personality, conference speaker, and former Catholic sheds heavenly light on one of the most feared, misunderstood and mistranslated subjects in the Bible—hell.

In this book you'll gain non-traditional insights into:
  • the myth of eternal torment
  • God's reasons for causing mistranslations of His words
  • the salvation of all
  • the lake of fire
  • the Rich Man and Lazarus
  • the sheep-and-goats judgment of Matthew 25
  • the limitations of Jesus' earthly teachings
  • the progressive revelation of Jesus' post-resurrection teachings through the apostle Paul

This short book (95 pages) is sprinkled with helpful and humorous illustrations. Included among these is the soon-to-be-classic original song Sons of Jacob.

Martin teaches those serious about their faith how to dig deeper into God's words to find the truth. I laughed out loud while I learned valuable, faith-building facts about our amazing Savior.

Click on the book to get your copy today.

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