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- Enhanced June, 2022! The Aionion/Eonian Times Chart Get a God's-eye view of His timetable to save all 

- Aion and aionios2 words you MUST understand. See "How to overcome a major hurdle to the truth of the salvation of all through Jesus" (excerpt from upcoming book Duration of Destruction)

Read Jesus and Hitler on this site, or download it.

- Read the story of my somewhat winding road to Jesus: From stripping to Scientology to Jesus

Omaha-area Conference September 16-18, 2022

Join us for an encouraging conference this fall in the heartland of America. Check out the flyer below for contact info.

Maximum attendee seating: 75; plan your trip today!

Please RSVP so we can plan for the provided meals. You can RSVP below in the comments, or notify one of the contacts on the bottom of the flyer below. 

Venue website: Slattery Vintage Estates

Due to liquor license issues, we request that all beverages (the adult kind) be purchased at the Vineyard.


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Hotel links: Website; email:

Links to some of the speakers' sites:


  1. I am looking forward to the conference in a joyful way I can't even describe. Local ground transportation could be an issue for some. Is there anyone that might be willing to help with transportation from the airport to the hotel or the hotel to the Vineyard? Lets open a line of conversation about things and see who might need help and who is in a position to help others.

  2. I'm hoping to attend from Kalamazoo, Michigan

    1. Hope to see you there, Kalamazoo!

    2. Hey Wes, It will be great to see you and everyone again. I'm looking into hotels and such. count me in. will let you know for sure this week. Alisha from Kalamazoo.

  3. Looking to book my flight next week Lord Willing I’ll get there from the Great White North 😁 Will confirm after I have my ticket to fly ✈️ ❤️🇨🇦


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