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- NEW! The Aionion/Eonian Times Chart Get a God's-eye view of His timetable to save all

- Aion and aionios2 words you MUST understand. See "How to overcome a major hurdle to the truth of the salvation of all through Jesus" (excerpt from upcoming book Duration of Destruction)

Read Jesus and Hitler on this site, or download it.

- Read the story of my somewhat winding road to Jesus: From stripping to Scientology to Jesus

Jesus and Hitler full book PDF

Read here, or hover over book and click on diagonal arrow in upper right corner to get to download option


  1. Wes, Hope you don't mind, but I uploaded a copy of your book to the largest ebook pirate site on the planet, and nine snatches happened immediately! There's something about getting stuff for free! Saw you on MZTV, keep keeping on brother! "Bobby Lee"

    1. No problem Bobby Lee. In fact, thank you. My goal is to see people realize how great our Savior is, especially in comparison to the distorted traditional views. The more eyes and ears exposed to the truth, the better.


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